Bloody Writers Block.


What on Earth do you write about after months and months of inconsistency? How do you know what people enjoy reading anymore?

These are questions I've been asking myself for the past couple of weeks. I've written one post since my last one, and it's still sitting in my drafts. It's not that I don't like what I've written, I just don't know if people will find it interesting. In my last post I wrote about wanting to blog for me, write what I enjoy writing; but I just can't get the what ifs out of my head.

So this one is short. I'm going to publish that post in the next few days, and I hope some of you do enjoy it. But really I wanted ask what you, as a reader of Gypsy Flower, would like to see on the blog. I feel like I'm moving away from the beauty blogging world. Of course I'll still post about the occasional product or look, but I'm veering more in the lifestyle way of blogging, and I really like it. I just need a few ideas from you guys. Leave me a comment below with subjects you'd like me to talk about, and I'll try my best to cover them. Realistically, and always honestly.

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